Article number: ODIATI

ATI trains students in multiple methods of aerial platform marksmanship. In this course students will learn to accurately engage targets in a variety of shooting positions from an aerial platform. Students will start in the classroom in which they will learn aircraft safety, lead vs lag, speed & accuracy drills, mag changes, Immediate Action Drills (IADs-malfunctions), gear selection & placement, target transitions and the courses of fire. Followed by the classroom, our "Ground School" course of fire (COF) consists of live fire exercises (LFX) on a static helicopter. In this COF students will get familiar & comfortable with multiple aerial platform shooting positions. Students will experience malfunctions, mag/drum changes, "cease fires", "shift fires" and target transitions while engaging multiple targets. Next is the  Aerial Target Interdiction (ATI) phase. This culminating event takes each student into our aerial platform and runs them through the ATI COF. Upon completion of this course, studentes will leave with a vast understanding of aerial marksmanship.

Courses of Fire (COI) consists of:

1. Engaging targets from a static position

2. Engaging targets on the move

3. Engaging targets from alternate shooting positions


  • KIT (gear selection and placement)
  • ATI Marksmanship
  • Speed and Accuracy drills
  • Target transitions
  • Shooting positions
  • IADs (Immediate action drills / malfunctions)


Ammo: 200 rounds minimum - 300 maximum (students provide their own ammo)

Weapon system – A serviceable and practical rifle (carbine preferred)

  • Cleaning kit
  • Eye / Ear pro
  • Tools that work on your weapon system
  • Weapons lube
  • Water
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