Is B&H Police Supply open to everyone?

B&H Police Supply is open to everyone, however, we are contractually obligated to certain brands to only sell at a discounted price to qualified first responders.

How accurate is the inventory displayed online?

The website live tracks the in-store inventory counts assuring that it always displays an accurate count of what's in stock.*

Which brand is restricted to first responders?

The brand restricted to first responders is Ruger. 

Do any other brands offer discounts for first responders?

Yes, Sig Sauer offers IOP prices. To get these discounts look for the SIG LE brand under the "BRANDS" tab. 

Yes, Springfield Armory offers IOP prices. To get these discounted prices applied to your order please call or come in to place your order.

How do I attain my NFA license to purchase silencers? Aren't silencers illegal?

No, silencers are not illegal, but there is a process to purchase one legally.  We offer expert advise, as well as trust creation, fingerprinting, and passport photography services. 

Can I pick up my order from the Merritt Island store in Titusville, or vice versa?

Yes, we typically transfer stock once a week between our two locations.  Just let us know which location you would like to pick up the item(s) from.

Where can i have my firearms shipped to? 

Please look at our shipping & returns page for all shipping inquiries. 



*This doesn't mean inventory errors aren't a possibility. As with any store theres bound to be some discrepancy and anomalies.


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