Is B&H Police Supply open to everyone?

B&H Police Supply is open to everyone, however, we are contractually obligated to certain brands to only    sell at a discounted price to qualified first responders.

Which brands are restricted to first responders?

The brands restricted to first responders are Glock and Ruger.

How do I attain my NFA license to purchase silencers? Aren't silencers illegal?

No, silencers are not illegal, but there is a process to purchase one legally.  We offer expert advise, as well as trust creation, fingerprinting, and passport photography services. 

Can I pick up my order from the Merritt Island store in Orlando, or vice versa?

Yes, we typically transfer stock once a week between our two locations.  Just let us know which location you would like to pick up the item(s) from.

Where can i have my firearms shipped to? 

Please look at our shipping & returns page for all shipping inquiries. 


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