Beginning June 28th this location will no longer be open on Monday for walk ins. To come in on Mondays you must have an appointment. To Schedule an appointment you can call or come in, Tuesday - Saturday, and we will work with you select an approximate time that works for all parties. 


Merritt Island Will now only be fully open Tuesday - Saturday. 10am - 530pm Eastern. Below are answers to some common questions. Please check in the q/a below for more information. If you have more specific inquires or are not sure what any of this means you can email us at [email protected] or call us at (321) 452-4640 and an associate would be happy to help you. 



Q: Do i need to schedule an appointment for Tuesday - Saturday? 

A: No, B&H Police Supply will still operate with normal, walk in, fully open hours Tuesday - Saturday.


Q: Does this mean Titusville also offers appointments on Monday?

A: No. they are still only open Tuesday - Saturday


Q: Does B&H still get transfers in on Monday? 

A: Yes, but you may not be notified until Tuesday.


Q: How late can I a make an appointment in the week?

A: Appointments can be made as late a Saturday. 


Q: What if i just show up on Monday and i didn't make an appointment?

A: There might no be anyone here. Even if there is staff members here that doesn't mean they'll be equipped to assist walk ins. You will be turned away.


For every location's hours and information you can find that under the "Store Information" section of the website. Located at the bottom of the page under the "Customer service" section. That page has been linked below for your connivence.


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